Benefits of Conference

The role of a conference is to gather like-minded individuals from across the country and across the globe, to learn, discuss thoughts, network, share ideas, create new ideas, and to ignite motivation. The benefits of attending a conference are different for everyone.

Experience with US

What is said is not important as What we HEAR and What we FEEL. Thats why we make an effort to experience conference in a SETTING where the still small voice of the sprit can be clearly heard, felt, and understood.

When I Take Notes

When I take notes at conference, I do not always write downe exactly what speaker is saying. I note the personaliged direction the spirit is giving me.


Seminars are organized for a day or a couple of days, with the aim to bring together subject experts and industry professionals to share expertise and ideas. Seminars help you to improve your knowledge and get updated to the latest technological developments.

Prepare for Life

The best way to prepare for life is acombination of formal traditional education, reading, seminars,and workshops, coupled with experience as well as tapping into the knowledge of experienced people.